Brilliantly Simple.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a new class of Mixed Reality surgical technology.

What makes Polarisᴬᴿ unique?

We are building a new category in advanced spatial computing and surgical technology – spanning far beyond traditional navigation, patient specific instrumentation, robotics and first-generation augmented reality.

The surgical experience is defined as brilliantly simple. Our technology is being developed to enable enhanced “holographic” or “digital tools” as overlays to the patient's existing anatomy, allowing the surgeon to view their surroundings with absolute clarity and with full user interaction and manipulation of their tools – all in real time.

Think of Polarisᴬᴿ as a trusted digital assistant providing customized information, personalized guidance, and feedback throughout the entire surgery. A surgical technology that will be effortless to use, easy to adopt, bring clarity by reducing complexity, improve outcomes by providing greater insights, and increase predictability by acting more decisively.

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